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    With linkshare do you have to sign up separately for each domain you plan on using?
    Also how often are stats updated; hourly, daily, almost real time? I can't tell for certain.

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    You can use LS prepared links on multiple domains and clicks and sales will be tracked. However, you will not have a breakout by domains in reports. A way to track links is available from LS by request - the "Member ID Field" which you must code into the links yourself by using the "u1" parameter.

    LS updates their database with Impressions and click-throughs nightly between midnight and 0500 EST. This is the target timeframe. Actual updates may occur later if problems arise (often). Sales are normally updated during this same timeframe if merchants send sales data in.

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    You don't need to sign up seperately for each domain name. Look for "Sub Affiliates" link in the "home page" where you can add as many domains as you like. Then the linking section is updated automatically to choose links for each domain.

    Reports are updated daily as far as I can see. Sales reporting varies from merchant to merchant. For example; Lands' End reports about after 5 days the sales occured. Some merchants reports daily.

    I do not work for Linkshare.

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