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    I was just wondering why merchants that haven't payed LinkShare for awhile are still active. Under Status Of Payments in the Linkshare Reports it says LinkShare Awaiting Merchant Payment. I'm stilled owed commissions from Fujitsu from August but still no payment. Yet they are still active receiving traffic. It says 35 days from end of August which would have been around Oct. 5 but still no payments.

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    I notice thta only 5 of my 84 LS merchants have even bothered to pay for October sales and even a major like Walmart is 2 months late. This month even Overstock hasn't gotten around to sending in payment. What's up with the LS person who's job it is to pressure merchants for commission payments.

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    is a *great* issue with LinkShare. Deep frustration on this matter has led affiliates -and their promotional capabilities- into the arms of CJ, Performics and their merchants.

    why is LinkShare so slow to understand current realities and reform? as the situation now stands they are certainly losing a considerable amount of traffic they would otherwise get, resulting in greatly reduced sales.

    many affiliates do turn a blind eye on CJ's conspiracy with the Parasites because CJ offers them a very attractive proposition with regard to payment - they scarcely ever lose a penny of commissions earned.

    some do wonder which is the lesser of the two evils - while none of the networks rises to the challenge of elevating their network to the indisputable position of "market leader".

    time will come when we shall look back to the current state of affairs and really wonder how people, on both sides of the affiliate equation, could ever behave so stupid -against their own self interests- and still survive . . .


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    Hi All,

    Thank you for your feedback. As you may already be aware, there was a delay in posting invoices and affiliate payment information to merchants for the month of October. As a result, you may receive your commission payments up to a week later than normal. LinkShare will also do our best to expedite affiliate check cutting this month to minimize payment delays to affiliates. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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