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    Anyone here an affiliate who was an in house affiliate, but switched to LS?

    I have the 20% "special partners" offer, but, my sales and activity report only shows a less than 10% commission rate. Example.. sales of $1000 and showing commissions of about $92... (Numbers made up)

    Sales are actually high enough to be above 20%, so I don't know whats going on.

    Anyone seeing a true 20+% reflected?

    ...only in the affiliates interest...
    The Newer Nicer Joseph [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Hi Joseph,

    Please send me your account information and I'll take a look at the calculations.


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> have the 20% "special partners" offer, <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I'm new to ART.Com - how do I get in on that action?

    Thanks ahead of time!

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