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    Applied to a merchant still waiting on approval then notice this little blurb in their description,
    Smart does not allow publishers to use search engine results for referrals.
    Well golly gee, I'll just put a sign on my car and drive around and hope people will flock to your website like crazy...

    Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible..

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    Hehe, I guess they mean PPC results directed straight to the Merchant, they probably need to work on their wording a little though.


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    Well they way it" worded leaves me to think hit the "NEXT" button..

    Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible..

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    geez Ladyboss, looks like I would hit the next button!!!! If I were ya

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    Throw that right in with Irwin Home Equity's notice, quoted in part here:

    it is not permissible to bid on or optimize Irwin Trade Names.
    These include all variations of PremierEquity and Irwin Home Equity but not limited to the following:
    premier equity
    irwin union bank
    irwin home equity
    irwin mortgage
    mortgage irwin

    These trade names may be used in creative copy, keyword titles and /or descriptions.

    We ask that if you are involved in any of these efforts to cease marketing efforts immediately.

    Catch those last two sentences again. The names MAY be used in copy, titles, and descriptions. But if you're doing it, knock it off!!

    Or did they really mean (but made a typo), that you may NOT use the names--that they're forbidden in the description (understandable), and the title (wellll...okay)--AND that we're supposed to market WITHOUT mentioning (in the "creative copy") just which place we're trying to get the viewers to go to?!

    Since they *do* OFFER links and creative copy with, it seems like they indeed mean, "you can use our links. But if you are doing so, knock it off since mentioning our name will cause you to rank under it!"

    If they had just said "may not BID ON", I could understand it. Who'd want to bidwar over their own name?! It's that "optimize" part. Out of one side of their mouth, they say you MAY use their name in Title, Desc., and Creative Copy. Then out of the other side, they say "don't optimize". Well which is it?!

    Reminds me of saying, "You may floor the gas pedal of your car. But don't go over 10MPH."

    I think it's time for a site policy update. No blasted bankers allowed! Add that to a site update today to get rid of this dud, who fits the pattern of the nonperforming merchants always being the ones that try to demand the most.

    Good merchants just sit there happily on my sites generating commissions with no complaints or empl*yer-like managerial tendencies.

    ~Revenue is King

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    I think the only thing that would bother me is if an affiliate reserved a url like ''. Other than that, heck, I want the affiliates to do everything they can - short of parasite type activity - to generate traffic. Release the hounds!

    "Nothing like a nice piece of hickory."
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    "bid on or optimize"

    Ummm, the optimize part got me. Ok, I'll optimize and feed your competitor.

    Stupid merchants.

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    Kelly, Bingo - you nailed it. If I was willing to spend money to drive traffic to a merchant I would expect that merchant to love me - I'm obviously trying to make sales. Isn't that the point of having an affiliate program?

    I think merchants that worry about their affiliates competing with them are a little screwy. They should worry about those competing against them.

    I'm getting ready to manage a program on Shareasale and you can bet I'll encourage every ethical way to get traffic from my affiliates and commisions in their pockets.


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    Geez LadyBoss, I think you'd look kinda cute driving around town with a sign like that!

    Let me know when and I'll grab a camera - we'll post the pic!


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    You go, kelly 626!

    So are we all knocking ourselves out to sign up?


    "If you were born to be shot, you'll never be hung." -Unknown

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