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    I just ran some comparisons on eBay from being on CJ to being on BeFree. My demographic for my site is pretty much the demographic you would find using kazaalite. I have seen my users discussing kazaalite.

    While any impact on my bottom line is subject to annoy me to no end. out of a sample size of roughly 30,000 clicks in a 10 day period. The host file issue had much less an impact that I thought.

    While you can never compare apples to apples as offers change, days change etc. My loss of traffic to ebay was roughly 1-2%. These are clicks lost on tracking from my site to the network.

    My registrations did increase 2%, bids 4% but those are subjective based on what was being offered. The buyitnow increased 30%, not sure why that number is so skewed, but since it is ebay reporting back on these, not the networks making the judgement, I tend to think there were some .99 1000 items auctions in the befree data that made that jump.

    Of course this is from April, and users whose host file blocking the links may have already stopped coming knowing they would not be able to use the site while it was still using the CJ links.

    Argh - wish comparisons were simpler. But overall, it does not seem that the hostfile issue was quite the killer I thought it was. Still enough to take action against, but from the emails I received, I was assuming more around the 10-15% mark.

    Has anyone else compared data? When it comes down to it the host file issues is - clicks sent from your site - tracked by CJ. The tracking of bids/registrations/buyitnow are a seperate issue.


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    I feel your frustration. A variance of 1% - 4% is not enough to determine what is really going on. If the hosts files were having a significant impact, I would expect to see higher numbers in the 5% - 10% range (or higher).

    Once we start using the random sub domains, you should switch out the links again and see what happens.

    I am interested, so please keep me updated.


    Todd Crawford
    Commission Junction

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    could you please explain me the difference between links and befree links. I thought that if the ip address wether this one from or is inserted in the hostsfile and pointed to localhost no access is possible. be it from links or from befree links.


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