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    January 18th, 2005
    Hello all -- I know this has been tossed around before in the past and has been tied with the idea of consolidated, monthly, payments...

    However, I would like to know if Linkshare is at least attacking the feature of just adding Direct Deposit first and then working on consolidating payments in the long run.

    It has got to happen sooner or later. Now CJ, Performics and Amazon have this.


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    January 18th, 2005
    Yes I would like to see this added as a Value Added tool for our partners on Linkshare to ensure payments can be made faster, no cheques get delayed and more people sign up with LinkShare



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    I think this is a great idea, it really helps (saves trips to the bank). Its nice from CJ and performics to just get 1 consolidated payment that is automatically put in the account roughly the same day every month!

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    Yes it does help...We get the largest volume of paper checks from one source...Linkshare. Mind you, this is a good thing but along with this comes costs...costs that are both for Linkshare and for each partner.

    - Trips to the bank
    - Bank charges for excessive deposit transactions
    - Mail delivery time (3-5 days)
    - Lost checks
    - Stamp and deposit envelopes
    - And of course the amount of time a check takes to clear.

    Chris is right, I think this would be a huge upside for Linkshare. We offer direct deposit...etc. With all of the other major affiliate networks already there, Linkshare and befree are the only two lacking this and I understand valueclick is working on this.

    Any other thoughts?

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    Hi All,

    We are actively putting in place the necessary systems, procedures, and technology on our end to provide affiliate sales partners with consolidated payments and direct deposit. As of yet, I am unable to provide you with a deliverable date, but this project continues to be a priority for us and will be released at LinkShare as soon as the systems are in place. We will keep you updated!


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    1,086 just announced a direct deposit program. They are punishing all souls who stay with checks with a processing fee and higher cut off amounts. I've written programs for ACH, it really wasn't that hard. It was easier than writing a check printing program, and the credit card program. I used ECHO online.

    Of course, writing a direct deposit payment program would require a lot of testing. If you need to test some direct deposit transactions...I have a checking account number you can borrow. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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