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    I just checked my "Payment Status" and the number that shown as processing is $106.38 less than the actual commissions that was earned in May, after the reversals and everything. So, I check the "Extended Transactions Due to Non-Payment" report and there is only Catalog City with 2 transactions worth $2.94 in comissions.

    I don't have any commissions with any deactivated merchants, and reversed transactions due to non-payment report is empty.

    Will numbers/reports change until payment time?
    If not, any idea where my $103.44 may be at?

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    Leader could probably tell you if he was not typing so fast

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    Probably extended ones for other reasons than non-payment.

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    Will numbers/reports change until payment time?

    I’ve experienced this for the last two months. My numbers and reports usually don’t add up until the payment has actually been made. During the time when things don’t equal out, I’ve had transactions that are showing extended, but are actually in the payment amount. Once the payment shows to be made, then the extended transactions move to locked status about a week later. I’ve given up trying to get things to equal out until the payment is actually made.
    I’m still waiting on CJ to provide us with one report that shows every single transaction that is in a payment. They said several months ago this was forthcoming, but I haven’t seen it yet.

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    If you had any incentive payments these will be subtracted later and then paid out.


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