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    I consider myself a Linkshare Newb. I added them to my affiliate arsenault when moved.

    I signed up with Spencer's gifts last night with the intent of deep linking to several products they sell, but it appears Spencer's product list hasn't made it into Linkshare (At least not since Halloween). I sent them an e-mail regarding this as well, and haven't gotten a reply (maybe I should wait longer than 13 hours...).

    I figured I would ask here if anyone knew of a way around this:

    I go into the link generator at Linkshare and find out that half the products I want to promote don't exist in the Linkshare system.

    I checked for similarities in the product URL at and the LS Generated URL for code that existed in both places. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    I don't just want to put up a banner and say "The product you want is somewhere on that site, go find it!" Is there a way to do a URL re-direct, like some CJ merchants allow?


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    Hi weisinator,

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've asked my team member who works with the merchant to help the merchant update their product link inventory so affiliate partners can take advantage of this link type.


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    Ah that would be wonderful if we can do custom links there. I thought at one time we could and then next time I went back to do so and couldn't find it and figured it was just my imagination

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    weisinator, if I may make a suggestion. I, too, just came by way of SpencerGifts and also sent a similar request to them (no response either) . . . . but what I did was take there storefront links [open a storefront], viewed the source and just picked the ones from those I wanted. I'd like more deep-linkability too, but a fella's gotta do whatta fella's gotta do . . . ALSO, you can take the text links and add the graphics yourself . . . ALSO, I can advise you of a few other Gag'n'Tag Shops you might be interested in . . .

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    Edit: They added the product I'm interested in!

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