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    Pretty cool, morpheus making millions in Affiliate Revenue, they have to be the #1 affiliate (maybe Top Moxie Affiliates are?)

    Do you really think Linkshare cares about any of us? They've had the "new" Terms of Agreement for a year and never enforced it. All the affiliate networks are in bed with the scumwares. It's all a big scam.

    StreamCast so far has incurred some $3 million in legal costs to battle the case, Griffin said, and for a time last year its future looked "suspect" because of the burden imposed by the fees, he said. It makes money selling advertising and would be profitable were it not for the legal costs, he said.

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    January 17th, 2005
    It'll be a different story when all of this is declared illegal and the networks have to start kissing affiliate ass.

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    Maybe the major merchants and affiliate networks that support the P2P wanks will get a little press play. Nice when shareholders of Walmart -Dell and Disney find there favorite retailer is paying millions onto the spreading of kiddie porn and copywrite thievery. See where the authorities worldwide have 250,000 arrest warrants to serve on major file sharers and downloaders of Child Porn.

    I'm surprised all the Music and video sites like Sony, Disney and Discover Channel haven't told the networks to shove it.

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    "Anyone can make a dollar, it is when you make sense that it starts to add up."...does your eBiz plan make sense?

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