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    Does anyone else notice Target is not displaying the right commission owed for Dec. reports? I have hit their tier for 7% commish, but they're only showing my payout as 6% of sales. Is this truly a mistake or are they just hoping it is not noticed?

    Shouldn't they have this set up to automatically calculate your % based on the tier you hit, or is someone sitting around with an abacus going through each affiliates sales amount??

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    If you display a Target link, check your "Non-Commissionable sales" in your Linkshare reports.

    You may be surprised to see that you are making sales for Target and getting NO commissions for these sales.

    I found several of these NON-COM explained as "4 day return expired".

    I Finally found their Hidden Contact form on their site and send them a note about it. I expect No reply.

    It looks like their just out for Free Branding.
    Another non-com sale for Target means their links come down. I doubt if they are concerned.

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    Hi Clicks4Nut'n -

    Please feel free to send me your account information - I'll take a look into this for you.


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