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    I recently tried to join CJ and go the message 'thanks but you need a US based address to send the cheques out to'. Is this correct? What about the SS number on the application form? I live in Australia and plan to open a US bank account soon but it wouldn't be fair on my poor friend in the US to have to bank all the cheques for me! I appreciate a reply.


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    Many of our best affiliates use
    Mail Boxes Etc.

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    ? There are, I am sure, thousands of us, that are not domiciled in the U.S. We all get cheques mailed to us, as far as I know Australia is amply represented.


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    no problems here, uk mail address and get direct deposit into my co acct

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    What is Mail Boxes Etc ?

    I don't know what it does ?

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    There is a problem if you give a US based address, but are not from the US, because when it comes to payment they will want you to give a tax number or ssn. As a non-us resident you don't have this, so CJ will tell you to put your normal non-US address on there. IE you are not supposed to use a USA address if you are not from the US. If anyone else has experience with this please chip in.

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    I use a relatives US address and it works
    fine. You can easily get a US tax ITIN no.

    Here id the link to the form.


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