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    1. Why Do I have difficulty testing links? I copy the code and past it into a page. When I preview in a browser I usually get a blank page. The rest of the time I get broken tables and missing images.

    2. Why was linkshare listed in a host files that came with kazaa lite? It was listed there to be blocked but why?

    TIA Doug

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    Hi Doug

    LinkShare links sometimes take about 30 mins to activate in some cases if I'm not mistaken.

    Best bet might be to have someone look at the page in questions and see what is going wrong

    On the 2nd point I'll let some one who knows more about the Parasite Kazaa answer.



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    Kazaa Lite by default blocks all cookies and Ads coming from the major affiliate networks. You'd have to modify the .HOSTS file Kazzaa Lite puts on your hard drive. Their is no such thing as a friendly music stealing program.

    Charlie ...

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