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    Ok, this is info I have found from this site.

    When you want to link to any product using CJ:

    In the thread made by tiger direct, they said the linking template for befree is:

    Now, this is great because I can follow that template when using CJ or BF. My question is does LS have such a "formula" I don't see it. If not, I will just stick with those two co's. Now I KNOW someone is going to say just go to the advanced link and get the code manually. Problem is with a template it can be more automated, and save A LOT of time.

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    I'm guessing here for the most part that those link strings WILL work okay but, from my experience, no matter what, you'll still have to touch base with the affiliate manager of each site in question. Linking in depth to anything other than what the merchant wants you to link to may not give you the credit/commission you're ultimately looking for. So, check with the affiliate manager, ask for your specific linking capabilities . . . that'll be your best bet.

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    I'm not sure if that BeFree one will work on merchants other than TigerDirect.
    Maybe some, maybe not.

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    With apologies for posting here, I did want to comment...

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    Hi All -

    Due to the unique, custom programming behind each merchant's links, LinkShare currently does not support such a linking method for our merchants. If you create links manually or alter linking code provided to you in your affiliate account, LinkShare cannot guarantee that that link will direct/track correctly every time.

    I recommend taking a look at our LinkShare Merchandiser program which facilitates the distribution of individual product links for a complete and updated inventory of a merchant's products by way of a product data feed. LinkShare Merchandiser allows you to integrate individual product links on your website without having to manually create links to each product that is carried by a merchant. See your Affiliate Resource Center for details:


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