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    to make sure you have not been booted from their program...

    They did a search on everyone's main page who was running them, and if the word DICK is on your main page ( among others ) you were removed (or will soon be removed) from the program. This in attempt to remove "inappropriate" sites. I was removed after running them for two years with no notice until after the fact ;(

    Dick's Sporting Goods is on my main page.

    I spoke with someone at LS this afternoon who was going to reinstate everyone that this happened to but as of 7:49 EST , my links are still dead for Mikasa.

    Just a heads up in case you run them and your links are dead. Hopefully I am the only one who has a big bad word on my main page.

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    What's Mikasa so sticky about? I applied a couple of times and was rejected! None of the reasons they gave in the rejection letter applied to my Web site!!

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