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  • Yes I have received it

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    5 62.50%
  • Have no idea what this form means for non US affiliates

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  • Assuming haven't received it we don't need to send one in

    2 25.00%
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    As per this post from LS themselves at ABW
    "Thank you for everyone's patience in this matter. We are in the process of sending everyone a follow-up email this week to clarify all of the questions you have raised. We also recognize that there were some affiliates who did not receive our initial email, and we will be sending those affiliates the proper communications as well.

    In the meantime, I do want to let everyone know that we are not withholding any checks at this time. We will be giving everyone 2 weeks from the date we send the follow up emails to return the completed W-8BEN tax form. Please allow a few days to receive your checks.


    Have you seen your form?

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    I received an email (not the form itself) saying I needed to complete one and send it to LS.
    The form is available from the IRS website.

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    Hi all -

    No need for everyone to complete the survey. We just discovered that the second email in fact did not go out as we thought it did. Therefore, while we sort out the email issues, please be assured that your checks are not currently being held and will not be held for incomplete W-8BEN tax forms at this time, unless otherwise contacted by us. We do, however, still encourage all non-US affiliates to complete the form and/or apply for an ITIN as applicable.

    We appreciate your feedback, and have reviewed all of your posts here on ABW. All of your concerns will be considered as we straighten out the process. I'm sorry for the confusion. Thanks.


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