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    I thought i read somewhere whenu got kicked out of the LS network. If so how come there are LS merchants listed on their site? Just found the thread:

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    WhenU, like Gator, sells run of network popup Ads for advertisers to suppliment their theftwarez campaigns. Some Brand advertisers use the Affiliate networks -Gator -WhenU and online Ad servers like DoubleClick and valueClick for their Own EyeBall Warfare.

    All the ills of affiliate marketing are tied into it's being a bastard child of the online Ad industry.

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    I think i got confused. I saw and saw whenu on bottom. But pricebandit is operating as a straight affiliate site. My bad

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    WhenU listed Mondera for some time even though we have nothing to do with them and they do the same for other Merchants, all part of their "high end" marketing style.

    "Click here for Mondera offers..oh actually we don't have any, we lied, but hey try these sites instead"

    Ebates is doing the same on Google.



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