I came across the following today in a news group. Anyone else seen anything like this?


Q: I am running ie 6 with update versions sp1, q818529, and q330994 on windows xp home. When I click on an affiliate link from any website that is run through linkshare, commission junction or reporting.net I get a dns can't find server error. Clicking on links through other affiliate programs work fine. When I use ie6 with update versions sp1 on a windows 98 system going through the same connection to the internet all links work fine, no errors. This problem just started today and I have tried installing, uninstalling, system restore but nothing seems to help. Any ideas on what may be causing the errors, could it be an xp problem instead of ie problem? Any suggestions are appreciated.

A: Check your HOSTS file (no extension, and may be hidden) for lines containing commission junction or reporting.net. If found, delete the entire line(s), save the file, and re-run your test.