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    Anyone promoting Zirh Skin Nutrition? do they convert?

    goal: $2000 a month by 11/26
    Financial free by 2004.
    The network

    Jason- Santa Cruz, CA

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    my May stats are:

    2,548 impressions, 19 click-trhoughs (C/I 0.75%) 0 items ordered

    Despite I love their site... Maybe I have to give them preminence on my sites.


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    Hey all,

    I manage Zirh's program so I'm happy to provide some tips and insights I've learned over the last year:

    If your site is frequented mainly by women, consider a text link to our Gifts for Men Page for best results.

    Many men don't shop in a "Beauty" or "Cosmetics" category, so add a Zirh link in "Men's Apparel", "Sports & Fitness" or any similar category you have where men are more likely to go.

    Ideas and topics for integrating Zirh include the following:

    o Men's health and men's issues.
    o Shaving comforatably, preventing razor burn.
    o You care about what youput in your body, what about what goes ON it??
    o Great gift ideas, including bachelor party or wedding favors, Father's Day and the December holidays.
    o Sports and athletics (Zirh is used by many star athletes).
    o Hollywood and celebrities (Zirh is used by many stars).
    o Other outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, boating, skiing, golf, tennis.

    Linking to our money-saving KITS, which always include at least one free gift as well, should bring you the best results. Text linkls seem to work better than images.

    We also have the Skin Care Navigation Bar - html code of our 8 top-selling products, that works well for some sites.

    Please post any comments or suggestions.


    Zirh Skin Nutrition

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