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    I've noticed that some of my merchants go a couple of days at the first of the month showing clickthroughs but no sales, then they seem to catch up. Is this common? The math always seems to work out, but it's odd having consistent sales days, then nothing for a couple of days.


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    Most merchants don't report sales until the product is shipped, and it's usually backdated (for my merchants anyway) to the date the order was placed.
    If you always just run reports from the 1st-xxx of the month & look at the daily differences, then it appears if the sales are current but they are actually a few days behind.

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    That's what I was thinking, but then what about those sales pending from the last days of the previous month? I thought maybe they process returns at the end of the month and that may have a factor.

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    I think it's dangerous...well, not like box jellyfish dangerous, so dangerous is a bad choice of let's say it's not ideal to talk in generalities.

    If you have specific merchants that you experience this with, or even many of them, just list 'em out, and then people can respond with specific answers that'll help you. Maybe that merchant or those merchants will even see your post and respond.

    (Just trying to help everyone get the most from these boards.)

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