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    January 17th, 2005
    Just got this e-mail:

    We have recently attempted to send commission payments due to you based
    on the activity in your LinkShare account. However, the check has been
    returned to us as undeliverable. Please log in to your LinkShare
    account to ensure that we have the correct mailing address for you, and
    to make any corrections as needed. Please also call us at 1-888-SHARE89
    (select option 5) once you have updated your information so that we may
    resend your check to the proper address. Thank you for your
    participation in the LinkShare Network!

    Best regards,
    The LinkShare Team

    Needless to say my mailing address is correct and I have been receiving my cheques there for the last few months. Who do I contact to tell them that the address is OK? I am not going to phone US as there is little point. I have also checked the last few cheques they sent and they have all arrived safely, so I cannot find the cheque that they are referring to.

    Who is the Linkshare rep here?

    Andy Williams

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    Their email communication is no help.

    Without providing reference,
    how do you know which check he is talking about?
    hundreds of merchants, hundreds of checks !!!!

    This is clearly not address problem.

    This is postal error.

    Linkshare need to re-send it again without all those hassle for the affiliates.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Who is the Linkshare rep here?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


    There's some posts by her in some of the other threads in this forum.

    ~Revenue is King

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    Thanks Leader

    Andy Williams

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