I've had a few non-commissionable sales due to SKU's not matching and have tried to get some answers from contact@Linkshare. After sending a second request and not getting a reply, I forwarded it to abw@LinkShare and got a very quick response (as usual). However, the email I got from the support person indicated they did not receive my first 2 emails. This really bugs me because this is not the first time I've been told they didn't get my emails.

LinkShare needs to upgrade their email system, if that's the problem or work on getting better response times from their support staff. I have a hard time believing they don't get my emails. ABW@Linkshare works everytime. (Thanks, Sarah, very much) If they want us to go through the proper channels ie:contact@Linkshare, then they need to respond so we don't have bug Sarah for help. Anyone else having similar problems?

LinkShare, please do something.



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