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    Every night at approximately 1:45 a.m. Central Time our Linkshare report updates our Orbitz transactions. On Saturday morning, 6/14, we had no new transactions reported. This raised a red flag because we have Orbitz sales everyday. The following two days we had sales report, but none for the missing day.

    This morning, I emailed Blagica at Orbitz and she sent me a report that she accessed through her Linkshare interface that showed no reported sales on that day. I told her I knew that but what I was asking is that she contact Linkshare to see if there was a failure in the transmission because I wasn't willing to accept that we had no sales on 6/13 (after the early morning hours sales that were reported the day before).

    Only then did she contact Linkshare and she did confirm that Linkshare did not pick up their transactions on 6/14 (6/13 sales). These sales have still not been reported.

    My question is what controls are in place when there is a failure in transmission between the merchant and Linkshare? We have had this happen numerous times over the past couple of years between various merchants and Linkshare. I no longer contact Linkshare when it happens because it's like beating your head against the wall. They always assume that they are right and I am wrong and 100% of the time they have ultimately been proven wrong and the missing sales were eventually reported, sometimes weeks later.

    There should be checks and balances in place but there aren't. Why not?

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    Every time the LTRANS file is pciked up the Merchant gets an email stating how many transactions were picked up in the file....

    So in a nutshell the merchant should know.



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