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    January 18th, 2005
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    Has anyone noticed Target changed there program? Hmm I think that sucks, They Need to start out at 10% and return days should be 30. I emailed them and ask them about it, haven't heard from them yet.

    Your Commissions

    5% on sales up to $2500
    6% on sales $2501-$5000
    7% on sales $5000+

    Increase in return days

    We've increased our return days from 3 to 5.

    Decrease in Payment Threshold

    Our new payment threshold is $10 - that's down from $50! This means you only need to earn $10 in any month to get a check.

    Retailers reaping rewards on Web

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    January 18th, 2005
    Well it is better than it was. What I don't like is their 10% off coupon. It says click for details and links to the front page. Where are the details? Many people will just get confused and leave. Why doesnt it just say enter code at check out?

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    Ohh, this is the "exciting" changes they were talking about.

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