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    January 18th, 2005
    I think a glitch in the system has removed all performance commission increases. Such as.... the 7% increase for Coldwater creek for sales over $3,000 is not calculating. It is calculating at the 5%.

    Glitch? I hope so. Anyone else see this? It is happening on all my merchants.


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    January 18th, 2005
    Hi IamJaloppy,

    Check your email. I received one from LS explaining changes in their reports. They mentioned something about the bonus reports and where you would find them. Sorry I don't remember the particulars.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Dear LinkShare Affiliates:

    LinkShare would like to announce a few changes that we're making to your
    online reports in order to improve speed and efficiency.

    1 - Commission Calculation
    Commissions are currently calculated in all reports under Reporting
    Controls (with the exception of the Member ID Field Report for Signature
    affiliates) based on the performance thresholds that you may have reached
    at any given point in time. Beginning August 1, 2003 for these reports,
    commissions for transactions in the current month will always be
    calculated at the lowest offered commission rate for each of your merchant
    programs. For example, if Merchant A offers 5% commission for sales up
    to $5,000, and 6% commission for sales $5,000 and above in a given
    month, all commissions will be calculated at 5% until the end of the month.
    LinkShare will update the commissions in these reports within about five
    days after the end of the month according to the performance thresholds
    reached. All impacted reports for that month, and for prior months, will
    then show actual commissions earned based on Transaction Date*. Below
    is a list of reports showing commission information that will be impacted:

    Geographical Report
    Link Type Report
    Multiple Affiliate Site
    Multi-Currency Sales
    Product Success Report
    Program Level Report
    Sales and Activity Report
    Sub-Site Sales and Activity
    Top Ten Report

    Remember that the above reports are all based on Transaction Date*.
    Actual commission payments are calculated based on Process Date**. To
    see the actual commission payment earned and to be paid to you by the
    merchant, please use the Payment Report in your Account section, which is
    typically updated within a week after the end of each month.

    2 - New Report: Sales and Activity (Estimated Earnings) Report
    We realize that it may be important for you to gauge your actual earnings
    on a daily basis based on any performance thresholds that you may have
    reached within the current month. LinkShare will now offer a new report
    called the Sales and Activity (Estimated Earnings) Report. This report is
    the same as the standard Sales and Activity Report, with the exception of
    how the commission activity is calculated. Instead of calculating
    commissions at the lowest offered commission rate for your merchant
    partners, this report provides an estimate of the commissions that you have
    earned based on your performance in the merchant's program from month
    to date based on Transaction Date*. Note that this report should only be
    used as a guide to your earnings each month, and may not reflect actual
    commissions earned due to process date, adjustments, returns,
    cancellations, etc.

    * Transaction Date - The date that a transaction occurs, as reported to
    LinkShare by merchants. The date of a transaction may not always be the
    same as the date that it is reported to us for processing. For example, some
    merchants will wait for credit card authorization or for the item to ship
    before sending the transaction information to LinkShare.

    ** Process Date - The date that a transaction is received and uploaded into
    LinkShare's system. All invoicing is done based on Process Date.

    Look for these changes to take place by August 1, 2003. We look forward
    to sharing our continuous developments with you.

    Best regards,
    The LinkShare Team

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    January 18th, 2005
    Guess I should start reading those emails.

    JK, of course. I did read that email, and I guess I just had a brain freeze from not sleeping well.

    Thanks Aunt Lily.


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    Thanks Chris.


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    I thought I noticed a drop in my total. Thanks for the clarification.

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