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    January 17th, 2005
    I am looking to set up a CJ datafeed.

    I am curious as to anyone's experiences with the problems associated with the datafeed?

    Or, better yet, if i go forward and set one up, what should I be aware of or watch out for?

    Thanks for your responses

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    I'm looking to set up a CJ data feed as well.

    Looking at the information that will be in the feed, and then looking at the product detail links to see just what values the fields will contain, it looks to me as though the biggest problem is merchants not using the category field corrctly, which will make generating a structure from a database very difficult, impossible without manual editing in most cases.

    For example, a music store might just enter the value "music store" for the category, instead of "videos", "cd's", "classical", "rock" etc. etc.

    A lot seem to use it to describe the merchants overall category, rather than the category of the product.

    A little education is required I think.

    Shame, there are quite a few I would like to use, but won't just because of this.

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    If you're doing less than $10k in revenue with CJ, be prepared to pay a couple hundred integration fees to use their feeds. We update our CJ feed every day, but I've heard about weeks or even months going by without new feed files being generated by CJ for affiliates. I don't know if this is still happening, but it was definitely a problem earlier this year.

    Some merchants provide datafeeds outside of CJ for free, and have other options that may not be offered in the CJ feeds (like a separate BestSellers feed, for example).

    As for the creation of the datafeed site, you have a couple options. Buy a sitebuilding tool like WebMerge or some Cuisimano scripts (see their board here for more info), or you can pick up php, asp, or your favorite web application builder to build your pages. There are tons of free online resources for PHP and MySQL if you're technically oriented but starting from scratch.

    As a merchant, I believe product freshness is (or should be) an imporant factor in a datafeed site. One of the biggest benefits of a datafeed site is the ability to dynamically and automatically repopulate pages with the latest products, and at the same time remove old products that are no longer in stock. If at all possible (IMHO), you should try to automate the downloading and processing of your datafeed site to keep your site up to date.

    Of course, if the data in your feed requires hours of manual massaging before it becomes usable, then automating the process will be more difficult.

    If you haven't already check out the Datafeed forum for more info and tips.

    If you're interested in promoting pop culture entertainment products (comics, toys, dvds, etc), check out our program. We're parasite free and pay 7%.

    Good luck.


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    Agree, merchants offering feeds outside CJ like yourself are offering us affiliates a better service, and a more personal approach, adds to the comfort factor.

    I qualify for the free feed, but am still wavering on if I should go ahead because of the lack of structure, or rather the lack of it being used correctly by merchants. CJ have the fields in place to make using the feed easy to use, they just aren't being used very well by many of the merchants. Of course, I haven't seen the interface for merchants to set up a product catalog so I don't know how intuitive or easy to use it is.

    The problem I have is that I now have so many links created the traditional long and drawn out way that too much time is being spent trying to keep them up to date, checking prices are still correct etc. So I've decided to just concentrate on data feeds in future.

    I have already earmarked TFAW for a future site. I've bought and installed MS SqlServer just to hold data feeds, so it's going to have to earn it's keep.

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    January 17th, 2005

    Thanks for your input on the datafeed. I am going to check out your program now.

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