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    Why is this happening?

    I've got a linkshare merchant (Hotwire) link on the same page as a BeFree merchant link.

    My logs and BeFree agree at 162 impressions the other day. But LinkShare only shows Hotwire getting about 60% of that! And it's been consistent like that over a few days.

    Is this due to parasites, poor linking/server, or? What's a newbie to do??

    Tia for any insights.

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    To be honest I wouldn't worry about it, as long as the page is loading correctly and the links are correct that is the key thing.

    It's the clicks and conversion that really matter

    Impressions can be distorted in so many ways that they become a very unreliable data source to use for any kind of performance once a site gets any reasonable amount of traffic



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    I disagree, it is an important issue in figuring out how to tune a web site.

    I admit, I had been lazy and have depended on the impression figure for making decisions.

    For example, my tests of Mondera has given a scant 59 clicks for 15,319 impressions. Since many of the clicks were me, I figure Mondera gives 1 click per 300 impressions. Hearing that the linksynergy may not be counting impressions well pushes that to maybe 1 in 400 or 500 page views.

    I admit, I used Mondera to replace a BeFree merchant that was giving only 1 click for 150 impressions...hearing that the impression count might be off makes this particular test look like an even worse mistake.

    When you really get down to it, the way the networks count impressions is not all that reliable. It is far better to count your own impressions.

    The main reason I keep the tracking bit on my sites is because there is a certain class of affiliate managers that make decisions based on impression counts.

    sound thinking

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    Most of my major affiliates do not report accurate impressions. It makes it very hard to figure out who is active and is not.

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    The impression number might appear differently because we all run our servers at differnt time zones. For example since LinkShare is an international company we use GMT so it is very rare to find two ad servers with the same numbers for the same days. There a lots of other reasons, and I think the IAB has an entire section on this stuff. I will try to find the link if I can.


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