Good Morning from Chicago,

Just last night, United launched their Worldwide Companion Sale. Both tickets must be searched and purchased at the same time. Last ticket date is August 24. I updated the AIR DYNAMIC DRM link and inserted below for your convenience:

<script src="[SITE.CODE]&bids=39013.1065&catid=15&gridnum=0&type=14&subid=0"></script><noscript><a href="[SITE.CODE]&offerid=39013&type=4&subid="><img src="[SITE.CODE]&bids=39013&subid=&type=4&gridnum=0"></a></noscript>

New Search Boxes
All three Orbitz Multi-Product Search Boxes were replaced this morning to reflect our NEW Orbitz 2.0 look. These new search tools really pop and will enhance the design of your site.

Labor Day Hotel Specials
We've got great deals on hotels for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend. Check out the DRM Hotel links for multi-city banners!

Thanks and until the next update,