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    I just had a question about click tracking, especially Silhouettes that i mentioned in another thread. Aug 1-15 i had 0 clicks. So i went under Program controls and noticed i had the first one checked 2002. So i checked 2003, then i just checked stats for the 16th and i have 8 clicks.

    Silhouettes 2002 Offer 2.3 | 6% commission on all goods
    Silhouettes 2003 Offer 30.1 | 6% commission on all goods

    I must have missed the notice or should keep track better, but i just wanted to make sure that if we don't have the right one checked, clicks won't track? 2 other people responded to that thread and thought that clicks shouldn't be affected when in fact they are.
    I just wanted to make sure about this and let other people know to go under Program
    Controls and make sure you're up to date on your program levels.

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    Hi TrustNo1 -

    Updating your program level in the manner you describe will not have impacted click-through tracking. Our system is devised so that you do not need to change any of your existing links when you change program levels. Additionally, if an offer in which you are participating expires, you will automatically be placed into a new program for that merchant. Please feel free to send me details of your particular account - include any linking code you are using for this merchant, as well as let me know if you changed your links when you updated your program level.


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