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    January 18th, 2005
    I just noticed that I have a lot more non-commissionable sales for them than I do sales I get paid for. The reason shown is exceeded return days.
    They have 7 return days.

    Anyone else noticing the same pattern?

    Connie Berg

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    January 18th, 2005
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    I's seeing a 5 to 1 ratio for myself. 1 non commish for every 5 sales, for same reason. Dang, i just checked the non-commish report, seeing Lillian Vernon all over the place. Get 1 non commish for every 2 sales with them on a 7 day cookie, that sucks.

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    January 17th, 2005
    They aren't converting for me, period . Commissionable or non-commissionable , I've only had a few sales to date , but it's not as if I was putting any effort into promoting them .

    Considering the junk they sell, with no product links available to them , combined with the low $14.95 or less item prices, and a lousy 5% commission on that , PLUS the realistic fat chance that someone is going to order more than two or three items and make the traffic leak worth my while, I think I'm giving them the axe and just let them keep the commissions I've earned instead of keeping them on my site to leak any more traffic to them .

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    The giftware, so called collectable, merchants and a dime a dozen on the internet with drop ship hawkers everywhere. How you guys & gals doing with as I've sent them 156 trageted shoppers with zip results. Obviously not an indy giftware merchant worthy of front page exposure.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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