I've a good experience with LS and I'm feeling pretty confident about my merchants and how they report sales.
I'm still worried about one thing. When was the last time sales were reported by the merchant.
For most of my merchants, I've sales everyday and they report sales everyday. I know at what time of the day I can expect to see these sales in my reports and I can spot problems pretty fast.
For a few of them, I've also sales everyday and they report them once in a while, once a week, month, I don't know exactly and I don't like it.
For other merchants, I've pretty high click throughs but I never know if I have sales or not because they report these sales only a few times a month (or whenever they want). I'm even thinking some are late reporting these sales to avoid paying the affiliates.
To don't know the date these merchants are reporting sales is driving me crazy.
LS, you did a lot to improve the payment with better reports, could you please do something about that.
One easy first step would be to add this information in your "Account : Program Controls : Consolidated Merchant Information"
Give us the periodicity of payment, daily, weekly, montly... Should be fairly easy.
For sure, I'll like better to have real time information in one of the "Sales and activity reports"

Sarah, I'm going to send you an email to check the reporting for two merchants.

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