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    I have links and have received over 3800 click-thrus in the last few months with no sales other than one test purchase (which I did get credit for). I have to conclude one of two things:

    1. is not converting the click-thru's into sales. This is hard to believe since is really a quality site which I prefer over any other poster site.

    2. I am not getting credit for sales for some reason.

    Frankly, I like the way Linkshare allows me to easily make product links, but I also don't expect to see a penny of profit, due to low conversions (if at all) and no consolidation of commissions. I have made some pretty good money in other programs (1000+/mo total in everything else combined) so I am not a total dunce at this although I will readily admit I am small-time.

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    Did you check your non-commisionable sales report? I've had a few sales but mostly ones that are past the return days.


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    1,133 has been converting very poorly over the last month and a general. But not that poorly.

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    I have always done very poor with I am not paying attention to them anymore. I do a lot better with 7700 uniques : $350.-

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    Poster sales overall here have been very weak past few months as I had posted in here.

    Some however do very well with thier sites.

    Even my stats don't suck that bad and I would assume some further looking into things may be in order on your end.
    I have updated a couple of my more visited pages but haven't spent lots of time on them as the ROI for my poster pages this year is poor.


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