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    While on the topic of ids...

    My Linkshare ID has a slash in it, and I have a friend who has a * in their id. I know that browsers do all sorts of funky URL encoding; So, I've wondered if the reason that my linkshare conversions are about a third of BeFree is and CJ is because of serious funk going down with special characters in the account id. (WHY DO PROGRAMMERS DO STUPID THINGS LIKE PUT NON CHARACTERS IN IDS!)

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    2 things I have to say as a normal person:

    when non characthers are inserted into ULR's it can create potential problems such as buffer overflows in certain programs.

    And it can be picked up as a pop up and has in the past prooved to be blocked by some pop up stoppers.

    As a programmer I understand why this is done. there are 2 (most likely more) reasons for this:

    Non characther URL are easier to manage and are more securable. Personaly I agree with you and would preffer the use of a smaller adn non characterized URL which could be maskable from the control panel @ linkshare.

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