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    January 18th, 2005
    The PGATour shop just joined as a merchant. Since the back-end is driven by The Golf Warehouse, already a LS merchant, what's the point? Especially since the return days are even less than at TGW?

    Is there really any benefit from the PGA Tour brand effect?

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    For my (all golf) website, I am inclined to say yes at first instinctual response, but not all of my affiliate links and banners are directed at bringing in sales as weird as that sounds. Perceived credibility is a motivating factor for doing this... It is one of the reasons I signed up for the USGA's affiliate program for their licensed accessories (direct).

    Having said that, I am not sure if I will put up any PGA Tour links or not...

    It is interesting to me however that GolfWeb has decided to branch out in this particular way...

    Jonathon Palbicke
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