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    January 17th, 2005
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    Todays report shows only impressions, but no clicks nor sales. It is now three hours after they normally update (which is noon CET).

    I'm fairly new with Linkshare, and I have never seen this before.

    I know for certain that there have been clicks, since I register them on my side too.

    Is this normal, or does Linkshare have a problem?

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    January 18th, 2005
    I have been using Linkshare for 15 months now and I think it has happened before. Although I am not sure the impressions were showing up last time it happened. The chances of me having over 10,000 impressions without any clickthoughs are zero, so Linkshare must be doing something

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    Hi All -

    I have just been informed that there is a delay in posting impression and click activity in online reports for 10/15/03. We anticipate this will be updated by the end of today.


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    it wasn't just the 15th. There were problems verified by the 13th on my end for clicks on the 12th. The response I got from linkshare was..... how can I say it?..... unconcerned and inaccurate. I will say that I did get a reply fairly quickly and did get a second reply, but there was no acknowlegement of reporting error. It was more of a... you're crazy type of response. the reports were properly updated from what I could verify as of the 15th.
    I guess the only way to verify the proper reporting is to test click all your links and wait to see how many days behind they are before making them live

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    January 17th, 2005
    scary, what a nightmare this is turning out to be.

    I had the joy of the same response from linkshare.

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    I'm sure LS is working on this delay. One thing that is disturbing is I still show 14 LS merchanys who haven't paid for August sales and only 2, out of 84 ,who have paid for September sales. Get those funds in LS merchants or you'll suffer not getting Holiday links put up!

    Mike & Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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    I think we should all have cause for concern as far as LS is concerned. Something is radically wrong here - reports are not being updated and checks just go missing!! I am now waiting with bated breath to see whether my latest payments are going to reach me, as I am still trying to get some satisfaction out of LS regarding two missing checks which were mailed almost six weeks ago. Perhaps it is time we all started complaining directly to the merchants we represent as we are, after all, the ones who bring in the sales NOT Linkshare! I've noticed quite often that in their payment reports LS state "Awaiting payment from merchant" whereas the payment had already been received almost a week prior. Seems a bit off don't you think?

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    Is that you Sarah? Been a while Hi

    It seems more than reports are delayed, Tell Stephen..... never mind "Hi Stephen"

    I followed your advice and posted where you wanted the information to go and then I see a duplicate post from you that didn't really make much sense and then you disappear from the conversation.

    It's real easy for you to say we "act up" which we do sometimes but a large part of it is because we're used to networks and their repesentatives to "not act" in our best interests. Your lack of presence and disregard for "your word" is concerning as well as the issues we are all faced with.

    I personally hope you can see through the smoke and dust to fight this fire for all of our benefit.

    Child labor laws exist yet, parasite partnering merchants (PP Merchants) and the COC allow an adult affiliates income to be diverted into the pockets of parasites and consider it normal business!

    Why give parasites unlimited cookie durations and credit for sales where they divert our users and overwrite our cookies. PP merchants and the COC directly supports what many consider unfair trade practices, identity theft and thievery!

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