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    Midway through Q4 and the competition is really heating up. Earn More in Q4 is making more people more money then even we had originally thought. When I suggested that it would be a great idea to drain my bank account, I was only kidding !!!! I am glad that you all took me seriously. Now I look at the payouts and I am truly dumbfounded at how incredible the work of our partners are.

    To make the program even more incredible , I wanted to let you all know that we are going to add a new feature tonight to the program. Starting tomorrow, you will see the "Rewards Tracker" tool on the ( LinkShare Club ) page. This tool lets you know weekly how many people have exceeded their quarterly goal to allow you to pace yourself for the awe inspiring $15,000.00 Titanium award!!!!

    If you can believe it there are already 52 affiliates that have beaten their quarterly sales targets and it is only halfway through the quarter!!!!! That means that the payouts are getting bigger and bigger. It is still early in this race and I can't wait to watch that number grow larger. Each week we keep paying out different awards for incredible performance so keep up the great work. In other words, it’s still early on in this race so you can still win big cash if you get involved today.

    So the question remains, which one of you will get the TITANIUM award????? The only thing I know for sure is that you can only get that award, or any award for that matter at LinkShare so lets get some more LinkShare links up!!!!

    Earn More in Q4,

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    If the winner of the Titanium award turns out to be an affiliate who is associated with parasitic activity, how will Linkshare react?

    How will other affiliates react?

    Will the Titanium award be judged with parasitic activity in mind? I am curious as to the end result of the Earn More in Q4 campaign

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    @ cj: Yes, won't that be interesting?

    Karl Smith
    phillyBurbs - Your Internet Starts Here
    Beware Parasiteware! It is stealing your money!
    [What is Parasiteware? click here to learn more]

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    Well, at this point the leaders are people that I had not known before. We have looked into their models and they seem clean to me, but if it happens I am sure that we will find out ;-)

    Kidding aside, the value add that I see in these sites is great and the revenue they are driving is truly amazing. I would be curious how you are all taking advantage of the program?

    Earn more in Q4!!!

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    Ok to get even more excitment built up on these boards how about our Earn More in Q4 and the numerous ways you can get a bonus I thought I would offer a special opportunity here. Today I am going to give you all the chance to nominate someone from AbestWeb who you think has done the best job with finding a creative way to promote a LinkShare Link. Read below for more informaiton to Earn More in Q4 . I have to wonder how much longer I will be able to afford to find more ways for you to take my money?????

    Here is the contest:

    Do you think you have the most creative use of one or more LinkShare merchants on your site?, and all thought they did, so they nominated themselves, and won. You can too!

    Send us a screen shot of a site that is live and has traffic. We will first review the screen shot and then review your entire site to determine who will win $50 next week?

    To nominate your site, send an email to containing:

    1. A screen capture of your site that demonstrates a creative use of one or more LinkShare merchants.
    2. Your username.
    3. A couple sentences about why you believe this demonstrates most creative use of one or more LinkShare merchants.
    4. The URL of the active site

    Could I make it any easier to earn $50 with our Earn More in Q4 Program?

    Best regards,

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    Back again to update you all on some more on who is making money in our Earn More in Q4 -

    Congratulations to this week's Earn More in Q4 winners:

    This week's winners
    - Increase in Sales:
    - Increase in Conversion: PCH Points
    - Best Creative: Harvest Moon's Red Barn Outlet Sweepstakes

    Here's what last week's winners said:
    - Winner Increase in Conversion: Deals On The Web
    "Thanks, LinkShare! We're very happy to have won this weeks increase in conversion contest. It's your premier merchants and ease of usability that makes it possible to achieve results like this. Thanks again!"
    - Jack and Jim, the deal brothers @

    Winner Best Creative: Couples Company's Boyfriend Store
    "One of the challenges of marketing online is creating unique shopping experiences that satisfy the needs of the consumer. Completely customized to our needs without crossing the separation of advertising and journalism line, LinkShare makes it easy for to integrate stimulating content with appropriate products allowing us to do what we always wanted to do in traditional media but never could: offer instant gratification and access to the products and services featured. It's a win-win-win situation for all involved. Thanks LinkShare for making interactive gratification-driven journalism so easy!"
    - Laura Dawn Lewis, Couples Company

    Way to go everyone!!!


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