WOW, I go away for a few days only to come back to some amazing Earn More in Q4 results. Here they are for you all to see and congratulate your fellow posters. Remember if you have not gotten involved with the program its not too late to win some big $$$$$ go to LinkShare Club to see how to make some of my money!!!!

Here are the current results:
* This week’s winners:
o Increase in Sales: National Consumers Alliance
o Increase in Conversion:
o Best Creative: ClubMom
* Here’s what last week’s winners said:
+ Winner Increase in Conversion: Techdeals
+ "Thanks LinkShare! I've been a member since 1999, and LinkShare has always provided great service and quality merchants. Appreciate the opportunities available to sites like mine at LinkShare." - David
+ Winner Best Creative: 24HourEdeals
+ “Thank you for selecting 24HourEdeals for the best creative site. LinkShare has created a successful team of merchants to partner with and is committed to a profitable atmosphere of success. 24HourEdeals looks forward to our growing partnership into the holidays and into 2004.” - Joel Polster

* 112 Affiliates have hit a goal so far
* 200 Affiliates are greater than 50% to goal
* That’s $141,200 in merchant rewards already earned by Affiliates, representing $9.5 million in merchant revenue