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    I was reading on affiliate sites and which one to sign up. And then I came across a few patents that befree and linkshare have won.

    I am curious and concerned that if I sign up with your organization then what if you get an letter from the patent holders that you have violated the patents.

    Basically I want to know that how are other affiliate marketing sites still around when a few hold affiliate patents. This is important to know since based on this I can make a decision on which affiliate marketing site I should use.

    Also I am new to this so please excuse me, I am not sure so I am going to post this question to each of the affiliate sites, if that wrong you can delete the question. thanks in advance for all your help.

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    Hi BrianWilliams -

    LinkShare (and the other providers) built our business around giving affiliates the opportunity to work with quality merchants in a network environment. We have invested a great deal into being able to provide the most stable, secure and reliable technology and reporting tools within the industry. It is true we employ patented technology and business methods, and it is possible other players within the industry hold one or more patents as well. Without getting into legalities -- about which, if you are concerned, we would recommend you consult an attorney -- you and every other existing and new affiliate are the reason we do business. LinkShare has been in business since 1996 and operates one of the largest networks in the space and responsible for tracking and reporting tens of millions of transactions. We would encourage you to explore the offerings of all of the providers and do your comparisons based on how well each of us meet your business needs. We hope you will chose to become active as a new affiliate and look forward to your participation in the LinkShare Network.


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