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    January 17th, 2005
    We were just tossing this around, but is Linkshare and/or the merchants going to wait until all returns are made in January and then count those returns against this sales goals for the 4th quarter bonus?

    Typically returns made the following month are credited against that month (in this case January), but I wanted to be make sure that no special rules are going to apply....

    Please advise Linkshare!

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    Question #2, when are the bonuses being posted to our accounts for the Earn More in Q4 promotions? Are we going to see the bonuses posted in for the December "Payment Report" or how?

    I am surprised there is not more interest in this topic...

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    The fine print says that bonuses will be paid sometime before April 2004, so I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for quick payments.

    Believe me, I want to get the bonus as quickly as you do. It was exciting finally getting to the bonus a few days ago, but less exciting knowing how long it could take to get paid.

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    AAnnAArchy - boy, I sure hope they don't make us wait 3 months for the bonuses, January should be more than reasonable!

    Anyone at Linkshare care to chime in and address this and returns???? I could see the return issue knocking someone who just made a bonus tier out of it all together by a few dollars, etc.

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    Hi Survey Man -

    In determining whether you have met a Participating Merchant's bonus target, the following rules apply:

    - For sales revenue based bonus targets, sales revenue shall only include sales that actually occurred in Q4. If a sales transaction occurs before or after Q4, but is reported in Q4, it will not be considered in determining whether you have met the bonus target.

    - During Q4, and for a period of 90 days thereafter, Participating Merchants may make adjustments to sales for returns, exchanges, fraudulent credit card charges and any other adjustments that the Participating Merchant is entitled to make under the terms of its engagement with you.

    For more details on the terms of the promotion, I encourage you to review details at:


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