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    Hi Affiliates!!

    We are working to make our affiliate program the best it can be. Can you please share specifics on what makes a good merchant? I am looking for commission %, return days, pay out levels, etc. Thanks for taking your time to help!

    ~Karen Geer
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    pretty easy for me to answer 10% commission , 120 return days,$25 payout

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    At least:

    10% Commission
    45 Return Days

    And a free datafeed.

    (Looks above) Yeah, like NYFalcon said, a low threshhold for payout is important too!

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!~Old Christmas Song

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    Not pertaining to your site, but to all merchants:

    1. Return E-mail withn 48 hours.

    2. Pay on time. There are no excuses for being consistently late.

    3. And yes, pay 10%. Even clothes stores can pay this, and they will still see a good profit.

    4. Have a phone number to talk to a, LIVE, person for any potential problems.

    5. Make sure your site is appealing, professional looking to the potential customers.

    6. Have the phone staff who take orders over the phone ask the customers where they saw the product they are about to buy. This way the affiliates still get the credit.

    7. Pictures says a thousand words. Put up BIG, SHARP-LOOKING pictures ofyour products.

    I've lost count on all the merchants I passed because they didn't have any pictures, or lousy pictures.

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