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    January 18th, 2005
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    I have a user who is not able to get any Linkshare links to work. I've been working with him about a week now, trying to track down the problem, so it's not a temporary internet problem.

    When he clicks on the Linkshare ( link, it doesn't work. If I give him the link to the final destination, it works fine.

    I had him check his hosts file. It's not modified.

    I had him download and run Ad-Aware. There was no spyware.

    I double-checked his hosts file by having him do an "nslookup" on It was correct (not

    Does anyone have any other ideas? Anything else to check? What else could be blocking Linkshare links?

    Michael Coley

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    January 17th, 2005
    Maybe run spybot s&d instead? I find adaware is not as up to snuff. But again thats not obviously a final solution but it really does seem to be HOST file related... perhaps someone knows more or is he behind a firewall? Perhaps the firewall has a blacklist and linkshare links are on it. I know at my office they do that from time to time.

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    Maybe his anti-virus software is blocking ads?

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    cookies disabled?

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    nortons firewall doesnt show linkshare ads from what i heard it blocks them there was a discussion about this here somewhere.

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    When you bring up his site and click on one of his LS links, does it work? If it does, it is not a host problem. He may have a firewall on his ISP service not allowing him to go to a LS URL. Check his HTML for completeness. He may be leaving off the closing anchor tag.


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    January 18th, 2005
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    I checked with the end user again and here's more information:

    1) This is a home computer, so there's no issue with a corporate firewall blacklist.
    2) He gets the same problem with his antivirus software disabled.
    3) I'm confident it's not a hosts file related issues (although it must be something similar) because an NSLOOKUP on returns the correct address rather than Also, he checked his hosts file and it's unmodified.
    4) He has cookies enabled.
    5) He doesn't have a firewall.
    6) He also gets the same problem with BeFree and CJ links.
    7) There is not a problem with the HTML.

    Any more suggestions or ideas?

    Michael Coley

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    Maybe your user has a kazaa software, ad blocking or shareware software on his/her computer?
    To undo Kazaa, a user would have to:

    1) Click the start button | search | for files or
    2) Type in "host*.*" and "HOST*.*"
    3) The HOSTS file you're looking for should be in
    C:\Program Files\KaZaA Lite or windows\system file\KaZaA Lite
    4) When you open it in Word (or whatever word
    processor you have), you should see a really long list
    of urls. Look through the host files to make sure they have a reference to Kazaa or LinkShare, there may be some additional host files listed.
    5) Delete the following from the list.,,
    6) If you find something similar to the strings above, delete them.
    7) Save the HOSTS file
    8) Close your browser and try clicking the coupon link

    If you have ad blocking and shareware software, please add LinkShare as a trusted site or disable the software all together.

    Firewalls and some security software can also block certain links.

    If you use Norton Internet Utilities and "block ads" is set, then the Linkshare links are being blocked. You should change that setting.

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    I would really concentrate on software either pop up blockers, spyware, if he is using netscape some plugins, and finally verify proxies...

    check to see if it goes via a proxy server, have him/her download win patrol, and check for IE helpers and startup programs. Have him/her download opera and try to see if opera works...

    It sounds like a lot of work for one visitor.

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    This might have something to do with a project Charlie has been working on since he read that "Programing for Dumb Parrots" book. He might have turned loose a browser plug-in that disables all links that detect the words coupon -freebee- reward -points in both the serps and on web pages. Must be a bug in the Beta Testing version. Seems he's gotten some funding from some online consumer advocacy groups who lobbied for destruction of the spammers and Telemarketers.

    He must have sold his soul or first born to Bill Gates to eliminate the trash from online shopping. Next up is the blocking of links to LIST PRICED items offered by merchnats paying 1-2% commission rates.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    my Parrot is quite clever....he stole the space bar the other nite....!!!


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Next up is the blocking of links to LIST PRICED items offered by merchnats paying 1-2% commission rates.

    Uh-oh, it must be freezing Down There again. Or maybe Philip Morris put some other kind of leaf in this cigarette by accident!

    In any case, I actually find myself in agreement with Mike on the quoted part. A cheapskate merchant blocker would be quite a plug-in...

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