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    I've received a datafeed from a LS merchant that contains links to products without any LS code. These are just direct links to products. I'm trying to figure out how to add LS code to these links and I just can't figure out how a LS link is constructed. This merchant has not done a datafeed before and this is their first attempt. Do they need to do something with LS to get the links translated properly? I tried to use the advanced link creator with a couple of these links and they all just go straight to the front page. It seems something needs to be in place before this datafeed can be used. Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thank you!!

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    We get lots of feeds from Linkshare merchants, some needing modification to work. If you can tell me who the merchant is I might be able to help.

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    I found a very easy way to convert them today when I was doing KegWorks.

    If the merchant has activated deep linking then

    Import the data to Excel, then copy the URL column into a text file, remove the header if there is one

    THEN, in Linkshare

    Go to Product Links, select the link for advanced links and then on the next screen select the mass link creation link in the nav bar.

    UPload your text file, it will be spat back out fully converted into ASCII and correctly tagged, copy it back into the excel sheet and then export the whole thing back into what ever format you want to use...

    Pretty cool eh

    Saved me days of time on the KegWorks data.



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