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    January 17th, 2005
    I just joined Linkshare.

    My only site right now is As you can see, I have adsense and some amazon banners running. But other than that, I don't have any affiliate experience.

    2 questions:

    1. What programs are people having luck with? Whats your highest seller?

    2. Should I build a site around a certain program? Does anyone have an example of this? I know that my site isn't going to have the most ideal traffic for affiliate programs.

    Thank you so much. I'm really excited about this.

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    January 17th, 2005

    I use CJ and LS as well as a few other affiliate programs.

    Think about what your target audience is interested in. For example, in your case it might be safe to assume that people visiting your site are interested in online learning.

    You might try featuring educational programs like online computer courses, hooked on phonics, online bookstores, etc.

    Also, it might be safe to assume that they are interested in learning more about the Japanese culture and/or travel to Japan. Seek out affiliate programs in those areas.

    You will need to experiment and see what works.

    Good luck and congrats on the website!


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    January 17th, 2005
    Build individual stores for the following most popular items in the Internet:

    1. Inkjet cartridges. EVERYONE needs those. They do well. ABC seems, SEEMS to be the best.

    2. Sexuality products. ... BUT, in good taste!! Go with &

    3. Magazines are also on the top of the list. Go with

    4. You won't go wrong with plus-size clothing.

    5. Health & dental plans. Start off with Their commish is one of the highest, but, unfortunately, their conversion rate is REALLY low. Push them anyway.

    6. Loans. Betting sites.

    There's more, but you do the rest on your own.

    After putting up the most popular, start on the other stores, and build, build, build, build....

    Sincerely, The Troll

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    I would suggest going with merchants who sell products you use & like. It makes it a lot easier to sell the product when you sincerely like it.

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    Yeah, I looooooves my sexuality products!

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    I would advice caution. Linkshare is a scam. I am a Dell Home Affiliate through them and they don't properly track sales and don't pay. AVOID

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    At this point in time we don't know if that is true.

    As for merchants, we give evryone a chance. What we do is smply give them 100-500 clicks. Some merchants should convert better than others, due to the products. If we don't see a sale, we drop them and move on to another merchant.

    Now, for a network, if it is consistent with a slew of merchants, it's obvious that network is not on the up and up.

    A simple formula that works.

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