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    Overstock launched a travel store on their website last fall. Overstock does not pay affiliate commissions on travel sales so I feel it is inappropriate to expect their affiliates to advertise a product they are not being compensated for.

    I'm curious if others feel as I do that the landing page from affiliate links should have the Travel tab removed from

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    Whwn it was first launched they said they were going to have some commission credit similar to media sales and put up text and banner links. I was able to create some custom links that did go to Vegas Hotel specials, individual travel pages and the airfare page. now only has 2 links thta resolve to the travel section pages and the rest now go to their home page. They responded back to say they would announce links and commission structure in November. No sales for travel have been recorded since I put up the links.... No official creatives either.

    My take is their 3rd party greed driven Ad Whore operation posing as a Travel merchant (Orbitz,Expedia, Travelocity etc etc) is refusing to pay Overstock enough per sale or lead to allow for set commissions. They just pulled the wool over the lame folks at OS to tap their 22 million visitors per month.

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