Greetings all,

Just wanted to remind all of you (Overstock Affiliate or not) that Valentine's Day/President's Day Weekend (February 14th/16th) is fast approaching. This is the last solid sales driving holiday for a while. You would be amazed at how many affiliates push Valentine’s Day too late and end up missing out on an easy opportunity.

Additionally, below are some other upcoming dates to remember/consider. Creative and innovative promotions can be constructed for many of these events/holidays.


Super Bowl - 1st
Groundhog Day - 2nd
Valentine's Day - 14th
President's Day - 16th
Mardi Gras - 24th
Leap Day (2004 is a Leap Year) - 29th


Spring Break (late March)
St. Patrick's Day - 17th
March Madness (NCAA Playoffs) - Mid through Late March


Fool's Day - 1st
Daylight Savings Time - 4th
Easter - 11th
Passover - 17th
Earth Day - 22nd


May Day - 1st
Cinco de Mayo - 5th
Mother's Day - 9th
Memorial Day - 31st (Summertime)

Hope this helps. Sorry if I missed an important date.


J.T. Stephens
Affiliate Program Manager