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    I would like to promote, but before i signup to Linkshare (and get another username nad password!) can anyone let me know if Petco have a datafeed available?

    I have a site that is waiting for aquatic content to promote or if someone knows of another Merchant which offers fish/aquarium products in a datafeed, that would be most helpful.

    Thanks for any info


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    see, Linkshare merchandiser programfor a list of merchants with datafeeds.

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    Good luck to ya.. petco converts like CRAP. You're better off sending it to petsmart or 1-800-petmeds... just my two cents

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    Agreed, I have several pet sites and Petco links have been up for over a year, first with Performics and then with Linkshare, and I get click throughs with NO sales. Nadda. Petsmart converts with text links. I have used a variety of creatives from Petco and nothing seems to work.

    I get sales from 1800 Pet Meds too.

    Deborah Carney
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