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    Hey I have to Say Amex is Awesome. Thank you Amex for helping pay for my PG&E bill, it's nice to know that my check will be in my mailbox in a satisfactory timing. I am looking forward to a great partnership with your awesome team. Thanks for the notification. You see when you get almost a double digit amount of checks each month, no I'm serious. I'm starting to lose it, it's hard to keep track of all the checks for me. Of course I have my top converting merchants and networks targeted on my calendar, so I know how much is helping me pay for rent, bills, etc. Anyway I just would like to say Thanks to the American Express affiliate team for there quick payments. Hey people If the big companies such as AMEX, is in this industry, and I"m getting nice checks with them you know this biz pays if you put the hard work into your business you can in no time make thousands in sales for that merchant. Thanks again American Express for those regular checks!

    Dear xxxx,

    Thank you for making December such a successful month! We would like to notify you that LinkShare mailed
    your American Express affiliate commission check for December activity on February 2, 2004.

    If you do not receive your check within 15 business days from the date above, or if you have any questions
    pertaining to your payment, please contact us at xxxxxxxx

    We look forward to continued program growth and success with you!

    Best wishes,

    The American Express Affiliate Team

    freedom, it's not freedom till you build a business model where you can leave and the commissions will still be there. :0).

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    all they gave me for christmas was a damn non commissioned sale


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    Your gonna get carpal tunnel signing all those checks! You better go get one of those check stamps.

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