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    Hi Everyone,

    We've been hearing a lot about parasite sites and we're concerned because we receive a good many sales from sites like Ebates and 180. Can anyone offer some more information on this for us so that we can look into it further?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi and welcome,

    There is a parasiteware forum on the board here that provided a lot of meaningful information and a bunch of rambling as well.

    In general, most parasites are some kind of application that is loaded on a consumers PC and that application uses technologies to constantly watch where a user is surfing and what they enter.

    For instance, in Ebates case the MMM is their application. 180 soulutions provieds nCase software etc.

    If I have a partnership with you, provide marketing for you and one of my visitors clicks on a link to go to your site. The parasitic application will see www.greatskin.,com in the url and at some point decide if you are a partner with them and will generally take some kind of action.

    The most respectible would be where the parasitic application displays a popup for you (or possibly one of your competitors - lets assume they display a coupon for you) and if the user clicks on it, they issue another call that causes the tracking cookie (that was already set for me) to be overlaid to where now the parasite will get credit for the sale.

    I some cases, parasites don't issue popups or provide any visual clue they tamper with who will get credit for a sale, they simply bring up your site in a hidden window the user can't see that still takes credits for the sale of the affiliate partner that did the work expecting to be rewarded. There ate many ways a cokie can be tampered with.

    My own survey from users who have been identified with parasites they have indicated that 62% never knew the parasite was installed, 16% was unaware of potential issues, 7% were going to be uninstalling for other reasons, 4% thought of my notice as "just more popup crap" and 11% said they would not be uninstalling.

    As supported by the figures above, many of these applications are downloaded and installed on users conputers without them knowing. They are installed in drive by downloads, installed as add ons in "free software" and as aslo indicated they are installed when a user had no idea what really going on.

    These programs constantly run and are active not only watching where the consumer goes while online but they are also sending their own requests to theirs server checking for updates, if merchants are partners etc. The application does impact "user and system resources" on a pc and over time can and freqently cause computer crashes and unreliability (in addition to slowing everything else down).

    The other primary facts to consider is this. You have a regular customer who has a parasitic application. They come to your site from a bookmark. The parasite sees your site and still takes the same actions as previously noted so that now you pay a commission to the parasite on all your regular customers that come to your site on their own accord. This issue is escalated when you consider that users coming to your site, directly, from your own intenral email campaigns, from search engines where they click on your link and even any of your own ppc advertising - the parasite will assume credit and be rewarded for the sale.

    With the above facts in mind, parasites not only reduce your "average affiliate earnings" they reduce yours to a much larger degree.

    Good luck on finding the facts and hope to see you clean up the crap.

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    Anyone who'd be stupid enough to think eBates and 180 did anything more then hijack real affiliates sales sure does need counseling.

    Incidently 180Solutions is a drive-by hidden install or bundled with P2P network copywrite theftware and gives you ZERO branding and a hate backlash from consumers. You might as well put ground glass in your cosmetics as the reality is ...for every hijacked sale you pay these wanks for you have 10 pissed potential customers with systems trashed by these 2 popup artists.

    Hope they continue to rape your bottomline and your competitors flourish by avoiding them like the plague they are..IMHO Hows that for a WWF tag team match.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    I should add one other thing -

    The networks will tell you these poeple are in compliance. FYI: The networks usually get a 30% percentage of comissions so they also benefit from allowing parasites in their program. This does contribute to them stating "parasite x" is in compliance, and even them promoting you to partner with parasites. Don't be fooled and just say NO!

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    >we're concerned because we receive a good
    >many sales from sites like Ebates and 180.

    I'm sure you do!

    Since at least 20% of all windows systems out there have one of more of these parasites knowingly or unknowingly installed, you are paying commissions to these parasite vendors for many sales that should have come direct to your site (not via an "affiliate").

    These people re-cookie people's browsers regularly to ensure they maximise their drain of your profits. (This can all be done in the background by a BHO thanks to poor (read: non-existent) system security on Windows).

    So if you dumped them, you would probably find your sales revenues stayed about the same, the amount of commissions paid to OTHER affiliates went up around 20%, but the total volume of commissions paid went DOWN.

    Try it for a month and let us know how you get on. :^)

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    The question is not how many sales are attributed to these pieces of software, but how many sales are driven by these pieces of software.

    And for those sales attributed to the software, how many were taken from other affiliates, who will now stop driving sales to your site, instead of just capitalizing on someone elses work - including your own?


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by H. Atterbury:
    ...we receive a good many sales from sites like Ebates and 180...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>As several people have pointed out, these types of companies probably aren't GENERATING these sales. They're just getting credit for them. The sales are likely generated by your own internal advertising, search engines, other affiliates, etc.

    Take a look at the "value" that these types of companies really add, the harm that they cause your other affiliates, and the added expense they cause by double-compensation (for PPC, your own internal advertising, etc. that they hijack), and the higher commissions that they likely demand. I think you'll have a hard time justifying your relationship with them.

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    Yup, in my opinion these are some of the creeps stealing credit for the traffic we send to merchants.

    And the reason I will no longer keep running ads for merchants that don't record click through or convert sales.

    Hope you have good luck cleaning up your program. BTW, I'm testing your program right now, so please clean it up SOON! My stats so far indicate you ARE infected - click thru rate of .2%. Should be 2% or better.

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