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    I came here and complained when Linkshare took two weeks to process and send out checks, so it's only fair that I come here and publicly praise them for some tremendous improvements now.

    I received both my and January checks a couple days ago. They turned them around in just a couple days this month. Good job!

    And a HUGE thanks to and for being focused enough on affiliates to get payments in to Linkshare so incredibly fast!

    Michael Coley

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    Agreed. Anybody that can beat Commission Junction at payment is a winner in my book! Commission Junction's payment turnaround is great, and anything fast is even better!


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    I'm sure I can speak for everyone on the NetMagazines team when I say "No! A HUGE "Thank You" to you Michael", keep those sales coming



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    This month has been better, let's hope we can keep with this trend! And perhaps add direct depost and I would be singing all the way to the bank, figuratively of course

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    First step, timely payments.

    Next step, *correct* payments! ;-)

    Let's get those conversion rates to where they should be.

    Mike Jacobs

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