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    We only get one 1099 from Linkshare, right? Not one from each merchant?


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    I believe that you get one 1099 from Linkshare for those merchants they cut the check for. If the merchant cuts their own checks, then I believe they will issue a 1099 separately.

    Perhaps someone with a better memory can verify this?

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    Thanks Jungleland.

    I would like this verified also.
    I only received one 1099 from Linkshare.


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    What Jungle said has been my experience. For the ones where Linkshare cuts the check, you just get a single 1099 with a total for all of those merchants. For the few who still write their own checks, you should get 1099's from each merchant (assuming you earn $600 or more). For some (Cooking, Disney, ICE, etc.) that are handled by a third party who cuts the checks, you'll get a 1099 from the third party.

    Michael Coley

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