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    The email should be arriving in your boxes anytime now, but for those that just trash such things (and getting a jump on Jamie )

    It looks like a bad news - good news change. I'll post it here and leave the comments to the peanut gallery.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>There are a couple of changes to the affiliate program I want to share with you.

    One change has been made to our Outlet program commission structure. The change is effective today.

    Currently, our basic commission structure is 5 - 7% on all products. Moving forward, the commissions will continue at the 5 - 7% rate on the Coldwater Creek Premium products, and the commissions on Outlet merchandise will now be 2%. This was a tough, but necessary decision.

    Coldwater Creek was losing money on the affiliate Outlet program. As the Outlet program is effective and profitable for you, the affiliates, I looked for a solution that would keep it viable. With this new commission structure, Coldwater Creek will break even and we can keep the Outlet program available to you.

    I hope you can understand the need for this change. I know it affects you and was thoughtful of that as I looked for a solution. New Outlet banners are available today for you to download.

    The other change is being made to the Affiliate Contract. We will no longer allow downloads of any kind. The addition to your contract, 3.7, states:

    Software applications: Affiliates agree not to use or enable in connection with any Coldwater Creek website or Qualifying Link, or any website or link related or affiliated thereto, any software applications, BHO's (browser helper objects), downloadable reminder services, or any other software or code that pops-up or redirects the user. Any activities in violation of this section shall be deemed a material breach of this agreement and will result in termination from the Coldwater Creek Affiliate Agreement. Coldwater Creek reserves the right to disallow any commissions from said activity.

    I think this is a very positive change that will enhance your customers' shopping experience and ensure that you receive the commissions you deserve.

    Over the coming months, you'll be receiving new creative materials promoting the Outlet program, and more offers and deals from this department. I hope you will find them useful.

    You are an important part of Coldwater Creek and I appreciate hearing your thoughts and comments. If you have any questions, or would like to visit about this further, please call me.


    Jamie Birch
    Affiliate Program Manager
    Coldwater Creek <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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    Yeah, I was wondering how long it would take someone to post this. Since they are supposedly riddled with parasites it will be interesting to see if this gets enforced.

    I don't have any links up for them yet based on their reputation, is it time to think about going ahead? Nah, I think I will wait a while longer... A program that chops commissions to the admitedly lucritive part of the program makes me pretty nervous.
    Deborah Carney

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    Yep no doubt we would jump through flaming hoops just to make 2%.
    That just invites us to go elsewhere


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    Sorry - can't rationalize the effort required to account for 80% of our CC sales thru the Outlet for now 55% less money.

    Thanks for the heads up - I really appreciated the 10 hours notice.
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    I have dropped them as well. I hate to do this but 2% (?) :0(

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    I just don't understand why they are selling apparel and accessories for such slim margins.

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